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Business Technology

$ 4.4 billion net profit from Nintendo last year

Nintendo, a Japanese console manufacturer, grew its net profit by 85.7 per cent over the previous year in fiscal 2020.After the demand in the latest form of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak,

Business News

The Volkswagen rebrand is an April Fool’s joke.

Despite a press release stating otherwise, Volkswagen would not change its name to “Voltswagen” in the United States. The name change was an April Fool’s joke that was accidentally leaked


Technology giant Apple unveiled its highly anticipated new devices

US-based technology giant Apple introduced its new devices with the launch it organized. At the launch, where new products were introduced one after another, the highly anticipated AirTag also took


GameStop CEO George Sherman to resign

GameStop CEO George Sherman announced that he will leave office on July 31. Following the resignation, Ryan Cohen’s control over the company is expected to increase and the e-commerce transformation

Science Space

Russia builds its own space station

Russia has begun to build its own space stations. The head of the Russian Federal Space Agency, Rogozin, announced this news with images from his Twitter account. Dmitriy Rogozin, head