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The US National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) criticized China for “failing to fulfill its standard responsibility” when its rocket crashed into the Indian Ocean uncontrollably.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson made a statement on his social media account. 

“Space-traveling countries need to minimize the risk to people and property from returning vehicle remains. China cannot fulfill its standard responsibility for space debris ,” Nelson said.

The long March 5B rocket, which was launched into orbit on April 29 to bring the core module of the China Space Station into orbit and got out of control, crashed in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives.

The Chinese Office of Manned Space Engineering announced that the rocket, which burned most of its debris in the atmosphere, landed near the Maldives at 10.24 (05.24 local time) Chinese time.

Long March 5B

The Long March-5B rocket was launched into space on April 29 to carry the first piece of the Chinese Space Station and its core module Tienhi (Celestial Harmony) into space.

After launching, the Tianhi module left the rocket and entered its planned orbit.

The main body of the rocket also had to land at a pre-planned point on Earth.

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